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Here are 3 main advantages of SEO for your business:

1. Increasing the number of new clients - the appearance of your website among the top ten Google search engine results causes a significant spike in traffic generated by potential clients coming in to your site - read more on how much your business can gain.

2. Low cost and effectiveness - SEO is the most effective, and at the same time the most affordable form of online advertising. Thanks to SEO, you'll gain up to 68% more clients in comparison to other online advertising instruments at the same price - learn how affordable and effective SEO is.

3. Brand awareness - occupying the leading spots in Google search engine results boosts your products' and services' credibility. This is crucial when it comes to customers making their purchase decisions - read more on brand awareness.


Did you know that more than 80% of users never scroll past the first page of search results?

Why choose me to grow your business?

I am SEO specialist and I am passionate about it.

Since 2004 I have been perpetually following and extensively studying Google search engine. Most of websites driven by traffic that my company delivers, achieve first 3 positions in organic search results. This is rewarded with growing number of clients attracted to business and top sales for my clients.

It was possible, because I’ve been learning everything about Google’s algorithm elements and finally became fluent at it. Why should you choose me, as a SEO expert of yours?


1. I am constantly experimenting. Google’s engine algorithms can change sometimes, that’s why I run batch of tests against it monthly, to be sure that my skills can result in best traffic all the time. Hey, that’s my job!


2. I am following Google’s guidelines with attention. If search engine’s algorithm is upgraded, I am reacting instantly to adjust my tools, so that I can be one step ahead of my competitors. It really pays off.

Marek Skoczylas Seo Consultant London
Marek Skoczylas Seo Expert London

Since 2004 I have been perpetually following and extensively studying Google search engine.

3. I will bring money to you. Remember, SEO is not only about traffic to your website, huge part of successful optimization is improving conversion ratio to maximize your sales.


4. Trust seems to be meaningful factor, while starting cooperation. SEO results can be evaluated with a delay (it can vary from month to even year), that’s why entrusting your online business to somebody’s safekeeping may not seem easy at the beginning. Please check my references - check out reviews from my happy customers.


5. Budget tailored to your needs. High quality goods and services cost more, but nevertheless we reach for them with desire. It doesn’t mean that SEO will consume your budget. You can be sure, that you’re making proper investment which pays off, once Google will recognize your website and rank you high in search results.


6. Effectiveness. SEO properly combined with content marketing allows to acquire more clients than using Google Adwords, and not exceeding your budget.

My affordable SEO services

local search services londonLocal SEO

My SEO optimization services will enable your site to achieve higher rankings in the search engines and bring more local visitors to your business.

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organic searchOrganic SEO

A successful organic SEO campaign will improve your search engine rankings, drive targeted traffic and generate revenue to your business.

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conversion rate optimizationConversion Rate Optimization

I will carefully check your website and give you a number of suggestions how to improve the conversion rate and thus improving your profits.

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ppc services londonPay Per Click Advertising

AdWords pay per click advertising changed the way we play the game. PPC gives you the unique opportunity to show your products and services now.

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What is my work all about?


SEO is set of activities that has been described in multiple books and online tutorials and it's hard to describe the details of it in few words. But I can generalize, that main stages of my work consist of: keyword research, competition analysis, architecture optimization, content optimization and link building.

Keyword Research

Selection of proper keywords is most crucial stage of every SEO campaign planning. Even if you're quite sure what keywords should represent your online business in Google, you might be wrong. Different keywords have different sales efficiency, that's why finding proper keywords for you online business. Example: the keyword "Nissan 350z Cleartec" will result in sales more probably than "Nissan 350z". Finding "that" keyword is a key to sales boost.

Competitor Analysis

Next stage of SEO good practices is examining your competition. It's not mystery, that Google promotes high quality websites in first 10 positions. So studying your competition will allow to plan optimization of your website, to be step ahead of your competitors. There are several areas which are taken into consideration here: website structure, server geolocalization, latency issues, website content quality, on-page optimization, off-page optimization just to name a few - lear more about competitor analysis

Architecture Optimisation

Website structure, that allows users to navigate with ease is what search engines do love. Simple and intuitive navigation guides your clients directly to the place, they have been searching for. The page that is easy to navigate, content presented with priorities, simple access to important information, elegant and tidy layout - all that boosts User Experience (UX) and is rewarded by Google with top positions.

Content Optimisation

Optimization of website content and its structure is aimed at attracting your clients and thereby to call to action defined by us. The content presented must be interesting, reliable and calling to engage. From technical perspective our website gains points in statistics, because we lower bounce rate, exit rate and we prolong time that user spends on our website. That's what Google actually loves.

Link Building

External links pointing to your website are crucial in building your business reputation. Google recognizes external link as a vote for your website. One thing to consider though is that priority and power of external links depends on many factors. Links from trustful and respected sources pointing at your website are much more meaningful. that the ones coming form spam sites and low quality profiles.

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